Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer Recap Part 2 - August

August was filled with fun adventures and new discoveries.

Mom and Dad made their "monthly" visit at the beginning of August.  I feel like I see them more now that I'm in Toronto!  It's so great to see them more frequently and we have a blast every time they come visit. Plus, it certainly helps while Andrew and I are counting down the days until our next visit with each other, and even more so, until he moves here in December.  Here are a few things pictures from the weekend:

We visited St. Lawrence Market and happen to stubble upon this corn festival. Evidently it's very popular in Toronto to eat "grilled" corn on the cob. The line for the corn was in-sane! Unfortunately, we had just eaten lunch and we were not hungry, nor did we want to wait in line.  Here are a few pictures of the festival.

Here is a pic of mom and dad on the subway. We were headed to the mall to get mom a Coach purse, one that goes around her shoulder. Now she's considered a true tourist :) or should I say officially adapting to the "city life."

Andrew came to visit the following weekend.  We did so much in the short amount of time he was here.  We tried to explore as much of the city as possible.   We had an amazing date night.  Andrew took me to Blu. This restaurant was amazing!  Andrew and I took the subway up to Yorkville, enjoyed a nice long dinner.  We are getting into the habit of trying more restaurants by having dessert at a different one. So, after dinner we took the subway half way home.  We stopped at a new place and had dessert; then walked the rest of the way home.  It's great because we can burn off some calories after eating such a big meal!

Andrew and I discovered a new hobby that we can do together - biking! I know I have already blogged about my new bike.  You can view that blog here. So we rented Andrew a bike and we biked about 14 miles.  We went half way, stopped for lunch at Eden and then turned around.  Here are a few pictures from our ride:

Andrew and I cooked one night while he was here.  Take a look at my hubby hard at work in the kitchen. I can't wait for us to cook together on a more regular basis.

During August, I also made a few Discoveries.  These are random but I thought I'd share these with you just incase you are interested:

Joe Fresh - I discovered Joe Fresh when I found one of the grocery store near our condo.  Oddly enough, it's within the grocery store complex.  It's an affordable clothing store with some great clothes.  It has a lot of the "up-to-date" fashions.  I would put it somewhere between Old Navy and Gap.

Adele - I know this is random, but it was in August when I truly discovered Adele and her music.  Her music is totally different and nothing like your normal country or R&B music. She has a very unique voice and I've enjoyed both her 19 & 21 CDs.

LCBO Magazine -  The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, basically where you buy liquor here in Toronto, publishes a free magazine each season with a variety of recipes and they pair them with wines.  It also includes other fun drinks perfect for the current season. I know my US friends may not have access to the magazine so I added the link in the header for you to view and take advantage of the available recipes online.  Feel free to browse. There are some great recipes!

August was a fun month!  But, I'm ready for the fall - football, pumpkins, leaves changing and cooler weather!  BRING IT! :)

~ Meredith

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