Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Recap Part 1 - July

After a long break of blogging, mostly because I haven't had the time, I'd like to recap a few highlights of the summer in Toronto! I'll break it up into two months - July & August.

July's Adventures

July 4th Weekend the 'rents and Andrew came to visit Toronto.  One of the primary reasons we picked this weekend, aside from the long holiday weekend, was the fact that the Phillies played the Blue Jays!
We started our weekend by visiting Niagara Falls.  Aren't the blue ponchos the cutest?  Riiiight!  Here are a few pictures from our adventures at Niagara Falls. Surprisingly, we got pretty wet!  The Maid of the Mist goes very close the falls.  What a neat experience to be that close to the falls!

I like this picture of my sister and I and the falls in the back ground. 

On the way home, we stopped at Vineland Estates Winery. On the way to Niagara there are a ton of wineries!  We had a great time sampling a few wines.  We even learned about a new type of wine called Icewine. Icewine is made from frozen grapes and is considered more a dessert wine.  As you can imagine, Ontario is the perfect place to pick frozen grapes since it gets so cold in the winter.  Click here for more details. It's been quite the experience learning about Icewine! :)  Here is a picture of the family at Vineland Estates Winery. 

This is Vice Wine - a vodka infused wine.  Very nice on a hot summer day! 

What can I say...GO PHILLIES! The Phillies beat the Blue Jays!  This was quite an exciting game - we had a fan run the field and a fight broke out on the field.  Never been to such an exciting baseball game! Here are the "kids" cheering on the Phillies...

HAPPY 21st Birthday Ammie - Welcome to club 21 and older club! :)....It's about time! 

I've been exploring Toronto and trying to visit different areas on the weekends.  One weekend I went to Kensington Market with a friend.  Kensington Market is more or less a street with different shops and restaurants.  The last weekend of every month they have "Pedestrian Sundays" and they shut down the street for people to walk.  It is a very artistic community.  Here are a few pictures of my visit:

The life-size scrabble board. 

July certainly flew by!  I am realizing that I need to blog more and take more pictures so I can capture my adventures...August was just as fun...stay tuned...


Meredith & Andrew

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