Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 93rd Birthday Nanee!

My grandmother Nanee turned 93 today!! It seems like yesterday that all of my dad's side of the family joined at my aunts house to celebrate her 90th birthday.  I tell you, Nanee is doing so good! She is one determined woman!  I called her tonight and said, "How are you feeling Nanee?"  She responds with, "I'm feeling great, I'm just a little slow!"  God Bless her.  She is so sweet.  And she is right, she sounded great on the phone but I think it bothers her that she doesn't move as fast as she used to.  Nanee is wonderful and I'm so glad she is feeling healthy! I hope we can visit her next time I'm home visiting. 

Andrew and I were very fortunate that she was able to come to our wedding in May.  Below are two pictures of Nanee, Andrew and I.  She was the light of the party and I know she had a great time!

I am so blessed to have my such a happy, heathly and wonderful grandmother (1 of 2 actually, my other grandmother is 90!). I LOVE YOU NANEE! 

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