Monday, June 13, 2011

Good afternoon everyone!

Welcome to the blogging antics of myself, Andrew, and my wife, Meredith. Meredith originally had the idea to create a blog and I was totally on board! Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk and I have far to many random facts that a normal person should ever know. So what better place to have a voice than on the internet. This is also a product of a second failed attempt to try twitter. Twitter is just not for me. I don't like it or get it. It makes no sense especially when there are stupid spam "followers" asking you to check out their "pics" on their website. Some of you will know what that means. I will now turn the blogging efforts over to my wife Meredith. Of course she is at work and won't be able to post until tonight which is why I got the ball rolling for both of us. Reporting live from the Atl, this is andrew signing off.

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